Jigsaw Puzzles

It’s been said, jigsaw puzzles are the very best thing since sliced bread. We all agree that sliced bread does make a better sandwich. Are you for the challenge? Jigsaw puzzle are proven to simultaneously use both sides of the brain! Our left analytical side sees all scattered pieces ready to sort them logically and our right creative side sees the bigger picture encouraging intuition. Working on puzzles actually creates connections between our two sides and increased connections means an increased ability to learn, remember and comprehend! The thrill and satisfaction of the right pieces placement means more dopamine production. This helps promote focus, creativity and sharpened memory!

Our jigsaw puzzles are proudly made with love and intention. With excellent durability, picture quality and lasting color, our jigsaw puzzles are the perfect way to keep children of all ages busy rain or shine. You can easily glue the finished puzzle to frame and hang for keeps, or crumble it all back into pieces to put together time and time again. Don’t forget to check out the puzzle boxes for hints!