All Men Must Die

Durden Art

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Knock down the walls and hold the door for this epic adventure of medieval legend. We will meet at the table of ambition to see who will rule after the dead have risen. Prepare for winter as you fill your hungry souls on a feast of secrets and quiet retribution. A menu is served of blame and deceit, so eat until your belly is full. You are all invited to this meeting of prophets to see who survives the wild winters. The head of the table is yours to conquer if you can find your true friends. There is a forest of enemies waiting to sail your seas and storm your castles. The ears of the spies and ravens await your whispers. The merciless plots of family tragedy will remind you of stories past. It is today, and every day, we must ask forgiveness for our sins. Come and sit on the Throne, if you are pure of blood.

Our Game of Thrones Last Supper features three hidden dragons, and three classical art history references. In addition to Davinci's "Last Supper," Caravaggio's "Judith Beheading Holofernes" is mimicked in the bottom right corner where a little needle threatens the boy-king. This is her chance to finally seek revenge. He took a shot at the 3-eyed raven and his crossbow is seen sitting on the table.

Vermeer's "Milkmaid" inspired the Queen of Thorn's position since she ruled over The Reach and controlled the agriculture. She mixes the potions that will away the balance.

It's the half-man's birthday but he can't quite make it to his own celebration. See his eyebrow behind the cake? There's a Dr Evil moment going on, The King-slayer is coming from behind at the Night King to stab him in the back, Bronn is holding the King-Slayer's hand which he did all of Season 6. The Queen's hand is in the right wrong place, and did you see the Bastard? He "nose" nothing (he has no nose!)

Secret words: "What is dead may never die" 

This listing is for one digital reproduction. The original painting is acrylic on wood panel.

Printed on high quality archival photographic luster paper. 

Prints are hand signed in black ink.

Print includes approximately 2” white border.

Standard size for framing.


Colors may vary only slightly in terms of brightness & contrast due to customer monitor variations. 

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