My Worthy Apprentice

Durden Art

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Have I made the right decision? Is this someone I can trust? Is my anger a sign of something deeper I can not escape? The power of the darkness compels us. It tempts our envy and whispers in our ears during every moment of doubt or insecurity.

Stand beside me young apprentice, for you are solo no longer. Look into your future and see the scale of what you can become if you release yourself from righteous judgment. The child of my enemy has come to see the errors of his ways. Will he be the ally I have been waiting for?

The foreground references the 66ft statues at the Grand Monument on Mansu Hill, North Korea. The first statue of Kim Il- Sung was erected in 1972 and the other Statue of Kim Jong-Il was added in 2011. This statue is a symbol of a country torn in half by hardship. The country has been led into secrecy, conspiracy, and isolation. You will bend the knee in blind faith for the greater bad, even if it means your ultimate destruction. It crushes all freedom at the first attempt of rebellion. It is a one world order, dominated by a strict lineage of emperors who show no remorse. Choking the ambition of his followers, the tirant looks only to his own path. Fear is the only source still flowing through their veins. There is no escape from his grasp.

The foreground also bears an eerie likeness to the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse titled “Partners” by Blaine Gibson in 1993 which stands proudly inside the Magic Kingdom.

From left to right: 

Asajj Ventress, Tie Fighter Pilot, Palpatine, Jango Fett, Imperial Officer, Snoke, General Grievous, Darth Maul, Captain Phasma, Darth Revan, Clone Trooper Lieutenant, Praetorian Guard, Durge,
Darth Vader, Kyle Ren

Secret Message:  “There is no escape”!!!!

This listing is for one digital reproduction. The original painting is acrylic on wood panel.

Printed on high quality archival photographic luster paper. 

Prints are hand signed in black ink.

Print includes approximately 2” white border.

Standard size for framing.


Colors may vary only slightly in terms of brightness & contrast due to customer monitor variations. 

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