756 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Witches and Wizardry

Durden Art

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We all i know school time can be tough
required uniforms, and sorting is rough:
Scarlet, blue, yellow, or mean,
the hat has chosen, you’re slytherin green.
Now that we’ve settled your coat of arms,
it ’s time to schedule dark arts and charms !
Grab a beater and choose your broom,
cause flying class is about to resume.
Keeping friends close is always a must
Everyone’s guessing, don’t know who to trust.
Loyalty, bravery, and growing thick skin,
can you find your patronus within?
Magical spells are cast in my dreams,
even professors are not what they seem.
Fortunes are told and secrets revealed,
neither book nor Riddle can keep them concealed.
“Wingardium Leviosa” the most useful of spells,
to fight off a dragon you must know it well .
Practice makes perfect, a flick of the fist.
Levitation is easy, just twist at the wrist.
Goblets and potions spent mixing all day,
broom sticks and quaffles fly as we play.
A speedy gold snitch is finally sighted;
Our house won again…Aren’t you delighted?!


This listing is for one 756 piece jigsaw puzzle. The original painting is acrylic on wood panel. The finished puzzle comes out to 16x30".

With excellent picture quality and lasting color, this jigsaw puzzle is the perfect way to keep children of all ages busy and challenged. Puzzle pieces are durable 1.2mm die cut cardboard and arrive with the pieces safe in a plastic bag ready to be put together. Be sure to check out the puzzle boxes made with love for your enjoyment!

756 pieces produces 16x30” finished picture image - Puzzle Box (approx 9x7x1.6in)

Colors may vary only slightly in terms of brightness & contrast due to customer monitor variations. 

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